Polyguard Products

Polyguard Products

Based in Ennis, Texas, Polyguard Products is a manufacturer of specialty coatings and laminates to protect structures from moisture and contaminants. Products include; building envelope protection, under slab waterproofing, moisture and vapor barriers. Polyguard produces non-shielding corrosion coatings for pipelines, and waterproofing products for ducts and pavement.


When Chris Rogalksi, Quality Manager at Polyguard Products was given a project to develop safety data sheets, SDS for Europe and other areas of the world, she realized that outside expertise was required to tackle the daunting International regulatory requirements–and decided to outsource the work to professionals. After reviewing several agencies that offered material safety data sheets, MSDS, she found KMK Regulatory Services to be not only the most economical, but also the most professional service on the market. While many offered safety data sheets, most did not specialize in MSDS authoring as their primary product or service.


In a very short amount of time, KMK was able to help Chris by producing accurate safety data sheets that not only looked professional, but they were also in line with every required International regulation.

As Chris said “as a result of working with KMK, I am now able to have current safety data sheets SDS, in any language and for any country that I require. I do not need to make a large investment in regulatory databases, or invest my personal time. By working with KMK, I am confident that all I have to do is supply the pertinent information–and within a few business days I’ll have an SDS for any of my products.”