ITW Texwipe

ITW Texwipe is a worldwide leader in contamination control supplies and critical cleaning products including lint free clean room wipers, cleanroom swabs, cleanroom stationery, sterile products, adhesive mats and more. They are headquartered in Kernersville, North Carolina.


ITW purchased Texwipe, and during the acquisition, there was a need for a seamless transition of all MSDS, safety data sheet documents to new systems. Expediency was an issue in getting the SDS documents updated and maintained. With few staff on hand and a lack of International regulatory expertise, ITW turned to KMK for assistance.


KMK’s defined and proven process, open communication and discussions prior to the MSDS and SDS project launch, contributed to its’ overall success. It also set the foundation for the development of a valuable relationship for long term compliance.

As a result of working with KMK, ITW Texwipe made significant improvements to the organization of their MSDS and SDS documents. According to Dennis Blaiss, Quality Manager, the regulatory talent that KMK brought to the table was also indispensible in addressing their International requirements.

ITW Texwipe has since agreed to outsource all of their creation and maintenance of their MSDS’s and SDS’s. They are content that this is an activity that they no longer need to manage in house after engaging KMK. Dennis Blaiss said “we all are very confident, based on our past and current working relationship with the KMK’s staff, that significant regulatory requirements will be addressed and maintained for us at all times.”