Gulbrandsen Chemicals

Gulbrandsen Chemicals

Gulbrandsen Chemicals is a global manufacturer of chemical intermediates, fine chemicals and catalysts used in the process industry and has earned a world leadership position by demanding the highest standards in their products and reliability.


Gulbrandsen Chemicals was looking for assistance in creating labels and safety data sheets, SDS. Their concern was to find an outsourced, qualified service provider since they didn’t have an in-house expert. As a large producer of chemicals, Gulbrandsen unwilling to leave any regulatory issues to chance. They required professional assistance from chemical and regulatory experts to ensure total compliance in the face of ever changing global regulations.


KMK Regulatory Services was engaged to support Dr. Mahesh Sanariya in Gulbrandsen’s EH&S department. Dr. Sanariya quickly understood the value in KMK’s regulatory expertise and was at ease to hand over the responsibilities of MSDS creation. In her words, “now I can concentrate my energy on other areas of work. Our customers easily accept the MSDS and labels KMK produces, and hence my peace of mind. There’s no need to verify any legal or regulatory matters. KMK provides all of the right information, they understand our needs and work accordingly.”

As a result of the relationship with KMK, Gulbrandsen has streamlined their label and MSDS creation and maintenance process while meeting all regulatory obligations to export their products worldwide.