Bron Aerotech

Bron Aerotech

Bron Aerotech, located in Denver, Colorado is ISO 9001:2008 and AS9120A and operates under best practices for the aerospace industry. They are a supplier of engineered films, fabrics and pressure-sensitive tapes to aerospace specifications.


Bron Aerotech needed assistance to develop and create MSDS, safety data sheets that complied with both the U.S. and Canadian regulatory requirements.  Working in a highly regulated industry such as Aerospace, the company needed to ensure that all information was accurate and compliant to OSHA/RoHs requirements but they did not have enough resources or regulatory knowledge to author these documents in house.


Bron Aerotech engaged KMK to assist by sharing regulatory strategy for their industry and to create a process so that Bron could manage the MSDS requests in-house.  KMK provided knowledge, insight, and answered technical questions to help educate them, all throughout the project.

By offering a personalized service and high level of responsiveness, KMK ensured that Bron could meet the complex regulatory requirements and produce quality safety data sheets that their clients demanded. KMK was also able to introduce Bron to a solid process for safety data sheet management that was not only efficient, but repeatable and very cost effective.

According to Christopher Parker, Manager at Bron Aerotech, “our customers appreciated the service, and the new process KMK introduced significantly decreased our cost of compliance. KMK was extremely professional in their approach with us, and they were able to answer all questions that we posed, while educating us further on the subject matter.”