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Thursday July 21, 2016

Montreal, Quebec, Canada



SCHC-OSHA Alliance          

The SCHC-OSHA Alliance HazCom 2012 Information Sheet Workgroup


Dr. Luc Seguin, President and Chief Scientific Officer of KMK Regulatory Services Inc., member of the SCHC-OSHA Alliance Committee has been appointed SCHC Chair of the GHS HazCom 2012 Information Sheets Workgroup in April 2016.

The SCHC-OSHA Alliance Committee administers all aspects of the Alliance activities, including the development of hazard communication training and other tools to be developed for use by OSHA and SCHC in improving hazard communication.

About SCHC

SCHC is a non-profit organization with a mission to:

  • Promote the improvement of chemical hazard communication in the work place.
  • Educate SCHC members on hazard communication issues.
  • Provide a forum for exchange of ideas and experiences.
  • Enhance member and general public awareness of new developments in hazard communications.
  • Provide guidance or technical expertise to private, non-profit groups and to government.
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About KMK Regulatory Services

KMK Regulatory Services Inc.  provides Expert Guidance in all areas related to the adoption of GHS (WHMIS 2015 – OSHA 2012, including all regulated countries).  Services provided include: Classification of hazards, SDS authoring, Label authoring, compliance review, hazard identification and more.  “We work very closely with our clients/partners to ensure we reduce the high cost of compliance by providing best practice and tested solutions to Chemical Manufactures, Blenders and Distributers in a timely manner”: said, Daniel Lavoie co-founder and business development EVP.


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Daniel Lavoie



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