Language Translations

KMK offers accurate, up-to-date translated safety data sheets for the country of destination, in 45+ languages.

KMK Regulatory Services utilizes industry standard health and safety phrases in the creation of all regulated documents and reports. Quality translations are essential when you are considering expansion into International markets. Our International translations partner is ISO 9001:2008, EN 15038:2006, and ISO 13485:2003 certified. All sentences, in all 45+ languages–have been rigorously tested to ensure accuracy–after they have been translated locally, by experts in the EH&S domain. We recommend that our clients utilize our standard sentence library of more than 6,000 sentences per language. However, we understand that in certain cases, company-specific sentences must be used and in these cases, we offer the flexibility to provide whatever you may need. Here is a table of language translations that KMK can support, by country and related to appropriate chemical regulations.

Africa (Continent) English-French REACH (GHS) North (Fr) South (En)
Albania Albanian GHS To be determined
Australia English (UK) GHS (Australia) 2012-2017
Austria German REACH (GHS) 2009-2015
Belgium Dutch (French) REACH (GHS) 2009-2015
Brazil Portuguese NBR 14725-4 2012 (GHS) 2009-2012
Bulgaria Bulgarian REACH (GHS) 2009-2015
Canada French;English WHMIS 2015 (GHS) 2015-2018
Central America(*) Spanish (Mexican) None Use Mexico (GHS)
China Chinese (Simplified) GB 16483-2000 (GHS) 2011-2015
Croatia Croatian REACH (GHS) 2009-2015
Czech Republic Czech REACH (GHS) 2009-2015
Denmark Danish REACH (GHS) 2009-2015
Estonia Estonian REACH (GHS) 2009-2015
Finland Finnish REACH (GHS) 2009-2015
France French REACH (GHS) 2009-2015
Germany German REACH (GHS) 2009-2015
Greece Greek REACH (GHS) 2009-2015
Hungary Hungarian REACH (GHS) 2009-2015
Iceland Icelandic REACH (GHS) 2009-2015
Indonesia Indonesian UN (GHS) 2010-2013
Ireland English (UK) REACH (GHS) 2009-2015
Italy Italian REACH (GHS) 2009-2015
Japan Japanese GHS (Japan) 2009-2012
Korea Korean GHS 2010-2013
Latvia Latvian REACH (GHS) 2009-2015
Liechtenstein English REACH (GHS) 2009-2015
Lithuania Lithuanian REACH (GHS) 2009-2015
Macedonia Macedonian GHS To be determined
Malaysia Malay;English CSDS MY 1999/45 2L MSDSs (GHS 2012?)
Mexico Spanish NMX-R-019-SCFI-2011* 2015-2018 Rev 5
New Zealand English (UK) HSNO 2006 + GHS* 2009-2012
Norway Norwegian REACH (GHS) 2009-2015
Philippines Filipino Specific standard To be discussed
Poland Polish REACH (GHS) 2009-2015
Portugal Portuguese REACH (GHS) 2009-2015
Romania Romanian REACH (GHS) 2009-2015
Russia Russian Russian GOST-GHS 2013-?
Saudi Arabia Arabic UN (GHS) 2009-?Arabic language
Serbia Serbian REACH (GHS) 2009-2015
Slovakia Slovak REACH (GHS) 2009-2015
Slovenia Slovenian REACH (GHS) 2009-2015
South Africa English SA GHS (SANS 10234:2008) 2012 (Substances) 2016 (Mixtures)
South America(*) Spanish (Mexican) None Use Mexico (GHS)
Spain Spanish REACH (GHS) 2009-2015
Sweden Swedish REACH (GHS) 2009-2015
Switzerland German (French-Italian) REACH (GHS) 2009-2015
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) GHS 2009-?
Thailand Thai GHS 2013-2017
Turkey Turkish REACH (GHS) 2009-2015
Ukraine Ukrainian REACH (GHS) 2009-2015
United Kingdom English (UK) REACH (GHS) 2009-2015
United States English GHS (USA) 2012-2015
Vietnam Vietnamese GHS 2013-2015

Published April 2016

(*) Unless country(ies) is (are) specifically mentioned elsewhere in the table.


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