GHS Compliance and the Safety Data Sheet

With the Globally Harmonized System GHS, which started back in 2009 in Japan, 2010 in Europe and is now anticipated for Q1 2012 in the United States, the requirements for material safety data sheets and labels were changed. Even under GHS, the safety data sheets, SDS as they will be known under GHS, must comply with the specific adopted law in the country, where it will be used. At KMK Regulatory Services we are ready to offer all products, documents and services, in compliance with GHS and the adopted legislations, worldwide.

When Japan adopted GHS back in December 2009, we began to write Japan-GHS SDS in Japanese language for all our customers. More recently (January 20th, 2009), Europe via the REACH legislation opened the door to GHS for substances and mixtures, allowing the SDSs to carry BOTH the former DSD; DPD Directives using the Risk (R-) phrases and squared orange symbols, together with the GHS classes, categories and symbols, in Sections 2 and15 of the SDS. The essence in understanding the universality of GHS is to know that each country may adopt all or part of it and may also add country specifics, which make the system, rather dis-harmonized.