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Safety Data Sheet Authoring

Producing compliant regulatory documents is our specialty. GHS REACh, CLP and HAZCOM 2012 including all local and international regulations.

Chemical Classification

GHS has introduced new and complex rules and calculations to classify chemicals, rely on KMK for this important work.

Raw material comparative reporting

We have developed innovative solutions to identify changes in raw material from supplier data sheets in real time.

Product compliance reporting

Need to know the level of compliance or how your products will be classified in other countries? Our GHS Smart report will let you know.

Global GHS / REACH compliance

Our compliance solutions are used by multi-national chemical companies who distribute products all over the world using the documents we created for them. KMK's documents comply to all country specific requirements and in 50 languages.

Label production

New rules and regulations are very specific in guiding the productions and content needed on labels, let KMK be your expert.
Reliable expertise
Dr. Luc Seguin, PhD., (Chemist)
KMK's President and Chief Scientific Officer
Dr. Luc Seguin, PhD., is a highly qualified and respected expert in the field of chemical compliance. He was President of the Québec Professional Corporation of Chemists for ten years. During his impressive 25 year career, "Dr. Luc" as he is best-known, also used his expertise to architect one of the world's leading software platforms that allow leading chemical companies to create and manage their SDS, material safety data sheets.
Satisfaction guaranteed!
What our clients say:
We expect better. We demand better. We chose to use KMK because they strove to achieve the quality that is absent from other MSDS material safety data sheet authoring services.
Matt Bell
Research Chemist
REM Research Group
When our MSDS documents needed to be upgraded to new regulations, we called KMK Regulatory Services. They are truly a one-stop-shop, which saved us a lot of time. Plus, they can answer almost any question relating to regulations and are very knowledgeable on any new regulations coming out. KMK is great to work with, very prompt—and best of all our material safety data sheets are always up-to-date and always in compliance.
Denise Campbell
Quality Manager
NL Grease
We had several products for which we needed documents to meet different language translations and foreign country requirements. KMK provided the necessary regulatory expertise to satisfy many aspects we had not considered nor anticipated. The timeliness and thoroughness of their efforts was terrific and was key to us getting the desired end-product, for our project.
Ray Cline
Essential Ingredients
Do you find the ever-changing global regulations difficult to manage?
It is easy with us:
Friendly bilingual staff will work closely with you to establish project guidelines and ensure a successful mandate.
Data Gathering
Our process has been perfected since 1999 to ease your compliance burden and support your efforts in data gathering.
Our expertise in global regulations will guaranty an easy review of your documents.
Our results are guaranteed and so is your total satisfaction upon delivery of validated documents.
Why KMK Services?
1,000+ Industry-leading companies chose KMK for end-to-end authoring of their material safety data sheets / SDS and labels.
100% Guaranteed Compliance
Authoring compliant MSDS is our core competency. Our process has been perfected since 1999 and we have served more than 1000 clients.
18 Years of Experience
As a market leader, our role is to provide the highest quality of work and a customer care program that keeps our clients coming back.
Latest Standards
The ever changing regulatory landscape is difficult to maintain for most organizations. As a market leader, our data bases are updated quarterly.
Proven Expertise
Our expertise comes from working directly with clients for the past 18 years and it continues to drive the development of innovative solutions for our clients.
Global Team
Our team of scientists and regulatory experts will provide a clear understanding on how the new regulation affects your products.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
KMK becomes a tactical partner with all its customers since compliance is an ongoing process that is critical to business.
What is GHS & MSDS Compliance for?
New rules and regulations have been established by the United Nations. Canada's version of GHS is WHMIS - 2015
Save Time
The new rules and regulations are very complex, beat the deadlines and let KMK ensure your compliance.
Avoid Fees
The cost of non-compliance include: delays at the borders, fines and damage to clients confidence.
Avoid Liabilities
KMK's long term compliance safeguards the integrity of your MSDS while keeping you in compliance.
Why now?
As of September 1st 2018, all chemical manufacturers, importers, distributors and employers must comply with the modified provisions, new label elements and SDS formats.

In The News Today
Latest news on Prop 65 2015 OSHA requires all SDSs to comply with the new HAZCOM 2012 GHS classification. A newly adopted State regulations from California called Prop 65 labeling requirement will need to be adopted by August 2018. US Chemical companies must adopt the new GHS classification for substances they store in their facilities on a yearly basis, according to the EPA SARA 311-312 with an deadline for submission of March 1st 2018!

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