Online Training

Dear licensee,

KMK is fully aware and committed that the Elearning application must be updated soon, if only to add the latest update and modifications expected by Health Canada in 2019.  Please note, the application is still fully in line with the enforced WHMIS 2015 requirements but that a new version is being worked out so we can propose refreshed training near the year-end.

We would appreciate you taking time to let us know what you would propose as enhancements and additions to the coming version so we can consider your input in our planning (Until June 30th 2019).

KMK regulatory Services offers a state of the art, interactive, professionally narrated and customized online training on the Globally Harmonized System (GHS), referred to as WHIMIS 2015 in Canada.

As this GHS training is mandatory, all professionals (Executives, mid management, workers) exposed or working with or near chemical substances must get certified. This course is designed to learn and understand all aspects of the hazardous product regulations. To ease the learning process, KMK offers this course in two levels:

Front-Office Course

  • Administrative personnel,
  • Manufacturing personal,
  • Maintenance personnel,
  • Shipping and handling personnel,
  • Janitorial personnel.

Expert Course

  • Chemists,
  • Laboratory technicians,
  • Health and safety managers,
  • Industrial hygienists.